Ulcinj, Montenegro.Ulcinj is above all visited because of the sun, sea, and sandy beaches as many visitors have pointed

Ulcinj is the administrative centre of Ulcinj Municipality, which has a population of 19,921. The town of Ulcinj itself has a population of 10,707. Ulcinj Municipality is the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro. It is one of two municipalities in Montenegro where Albanians form

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Those who have visited beaches of Ulcinj, and who have stayed faithful to them for years, by stating their expressions, say how the staying on those beaches is a real experience of heaven on Earth. That it is indeed like that, confirms the nature which surrounds the beaches of Ulcinj: petty sand, warm sea azure blue, reed, wooden houses or just some raft restaurant in the style of Robinson Crusoe, the sun and the silence which is sporadically interrupted by a whir of the waves.

Numerous foreign tourists come back to Ulcinj from year to year. Especially is a big number of those who have their vacations in the mouth of the River Bojana, on a beach with petty sand, spending their summer vacation as they themselves have told in the costumes of Adam and Eve, truly experiencing a new encounter with the Mother Nature. There are those tourists who choose beaches of Ulcinj because, as they say, the area in which Ulcinj is situated brings them back the energy and the forgotten emotions.

There almost does not exist a tourist who has spent his vacation in Ulcinj and that hasnt visited the Ulcinj`s Big beach. That beautiful beach is only 5 kilometers away from the center of Ulcinj. The Big beach is 12 km long and 60 m wide. The surface of the beach is 600.000 meters. The capacity of the beach is 150.000 swimmers. The Big beach in Ulcinj is favorite among tourists because of the petty sand, whose grain has a diameter of 0, 1 to 0, 5 mm and it resembles flour. That sand has very effective healing features, so lying on it is recommended first of all because of the problems with the extremities, sciatica, and spine and for curing of the fertility. Bellow the cope Djeran, at the very beginning of the big beach there is a marina better known as Porta Milena (Harbor Milena) a real gem for the eyes, deeply drawn into the land with numerous wooden cottages on the water which local people call Kalimera (calimeras).

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