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Story about Devil’s Town in Serbia

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What is the Devils Town?

This is how the legend of the origin of Devils Town could be shortly told - "Devil was bothered by pious people, and he prepared "devil's water ".

The dared devil's water completely choked them, so they decided to marry their brother and sister.

God saw it all and petrified them to prevent the generic contraction"

Under the Radan mountain, at a height of 600 meters, a very rare scene of earthly figures is given. Such figures are rarely found in the world, and they were created in centuries-old erosive processes.

Đavolja Varo(Devils Town) natural landmark Monument of Nature is situated on the southern slopes of Radan Mountain on the right bank of Žuta reka (Yellow river), in the central part of South-Eastern Serbia, 310 km from Belgrade and 75km from Ni. Đavolja Varo (Devils Town) is unique Serbian natural phenomenon that got the name due to its spooky features and unique appearance. The region of South-eastern Serbia and Djavolja Varos itself feature gorgeous nature that provides exotic formations described as earth pyramids.

Djavolja Varos is the result of the constant erosive process of the soil that experienced intense volcanic activity millions of years ago the caps on the top ot towers /how locals call them/ protect the columns while the rest of the dissolute is constantly washed away. The red earth columns and pyramids of Djavolja Varos have various interesting shapes on the area of 4,300 sq. meters. There are over 200 pyramids towers standing tall from 2 -15 meters with width at base 4 to 6 meters and at the summit 1 2 meters. Bizarrely shaped tree-crowns twisted by wind which make itselfs strange noises/murmurs passing by the columns that has frightened the local population for centuries and is behind their superstitious lore. Close to Djavolja Varos stand two springs whose red-water color local people call Devils Waters.

Devil's Water" is a cold and extremely acidic (pH 1.5) source with high mineralization (15 g / l of water) and is located in the "Devil's ravine".
The Devil's river is different in every photo.
Sometimes it's like "any other" river, sometimes yellow and sometimes red.
The incredible power of transformation ?

The remains of two old churches stand in the vicinity of the natural sculptures of Djavolja Varos. There are many mystical legends on this unique natural highlight. The rich cultural tradition and folk customs of this region of Serbia are closely associated with this natural phenomenon. Close to Djavolja Varos and its intact natural ambiance there are great facilities for sports, nature exploration and genuine vacations. Djavolja Varos is on tentative UNESCO list as Natural Landmark of Criteria VII.

No matter how far it seems to you, it is important to bring the right decision - come to visit the most famous Serbian phenomenon.

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June 6,2019

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