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Why We Need WowApp?
WowApp is a FREE and unique community that allows you to Earn real money and Do Good. This comes as a result of activities you currently perform without reward: communicate, read news, browse the web, play games, open your mobile, shop online, take surveys or perfor

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Paul M
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Earning Methods

How I Earn

WowApp offers 8 unique ways to Earn and Do Good from activities I do every day.

Chat News
Earn and Do Good when chatting, reading news, making free calls, video calls, sharing files and more.
Computer Web
Earn and Do Good from your WowApp activity on your Computer and on platform.
Instant Earn
Earn instantly by watching videos, performing mobile tasks and taking surveys.
Earn by playing 800 games on mobile and PC.
Earn cashback from 10,000 online shops with 42 million products.
Smart Web
Earn by browsing the internet, reading news, completing surveys and shopping online.
Earn cashback from all international calls. WowApp calls are FREE.
Smart Slide
Earn by opening your Android phone and enjoy news on your Lock screen.


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