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Don’t waste your time with Scam, Get Legit Bitcoin means more boxes opened! Its Easy and simple to get Earn
Invite friends, earn xp, increase your level and hourly bonus! You will also unlock better free without sending Money for someone or any scam, Just do it on your Gadget anywher

Posted September 9,2019 in Economics and Trade.

Paul M
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Lootbits io is an innovative combination of games and rewards.

We reward you for spending time on our platform. Joining and playing is completely free. We do not require any deposits or payments. This is what separates us from gambling sites as you will not lose any Bitcoins on Lootbits! You get rewarded by opening loot boxes. Each box has something interesting hidden inside. Sometimes it is xp points, more gems, collectible badges and other items. And the best part is that often you can find real Bitcoins which are immediately added to your balance! Even if you run out of gems required to open boxes, we give more for free every hour! Also, you can invite people, complete offers and play additional games to get even more gems and continue opening boxes until you reach your payout!


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