It is 2k itself that's limited

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Posted February 2,2020 in Gaming.

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I'll apologize now bcuz I'm sure it's been brought up but it is among the most infuriating game mechanisms and for me personally pretty much have been ruining thenba2king game for me for years now but we want complete control over whether or not we go up for a dunk or a layup. Nothing other than controller is unacceptable. Obviously if you're extremely short than there ought to be a cut off for being able to dip and maybe if you're just a terrible dunker than that I could live with how the machine is now but if I'm a pure slasher, that I usually make one every year bcuz they was how I would have fun and get a break from only shooting 3s until the last couple years, but I shouldn't not understand what my player is gonna go for when I go to get a dunk.

Ever. 2k19 and 2k20 have exhausted my level of patience on these animations from the game, but seeing dunking I would rather move the rod to go up for a dunk and get completely shutdown and/or whiff the dip if I am forcing it like back in 2k18 any day Vs exactly what we got now where you do not know what animation youre gonna get. Not bragging but I could dip in actual life and I'd imagine the pros can say exactly the same but when I'm play a real game of ball or at any time for that matter, at not point have I ever wanted to go up with it and wondered if I am going to perform a layup or dunk it. Can not tell you how many times I've seen or been the Person Who got blocked or did the cube when a participant in the pain has his guy beat or pump fake and Find the defenders to jump and then the participant who pump faked,

Like he needs to unless theres an easy 3.

Go to dip and they will find the most awkward, slow, unathletetic layup I have never seen a real person try in my whole life until this game. If it is somebody slipped past by it as you could guess, doesn't fall. In my middle ball coach seen anybody in my team back when I was that young, do some of these animations which are in the match rn. He had bench your ass. Mind you I said school coach. My dad was my high school mentor and tbh I can't say what he would do bcuz no one has been dumb enough to play like this, mostly bcuz any participant knows that's not the way you ought to ever play basketball and the remainder is bcuz my ole man woulda humiliated you until you quit that moronic shit.

I know that this sport a part of a company and you are attempting to generate income from it. I also understand how much people making new builds leads to this goal. But with that said I really don't appreciate just how much of the game feels really money-grabbing. As a loyal client to 2k year in and year out, I can not express how many times I create a participant, grind it out to playable, just to realize that I made an mistake when constructing the participant. Wanting to change something just as modest as height, weight, wingspan, body type, or takeover is such a weight to perform since the grind is so long.

Allow us to be able to change these errors without needing to fully synthesize a new player. Let us maintain the badge or attribute caps we unlocked however, reset us to like 75 overall if you need to. I think that could be better than completely remaking a new participant, grinding the badge caps again, and grinding the feature caps again.

Matched up against an 8-0 team see their PG averages over 30 because he likes to hide behind screens. Held him under 10 points plus he stopped the game a few minutes afterwards. I inadvertently left Hall of Fame pick dodger on and ran to a group that tried doing this earlier today. It felt so good to see how lost he looked with me breaking through the screens along with his inability to junk BTB. Good two ways are being rewarded finally. Also pick dodger HOF worked better than I thought it would.

I am honestly not sure what people want out of this game now. Y'all despise people that iso and say that they do not utilize displays enough but when they do it's an issue. And I concur that the behind the back was op it was the only damn movement you could make space with. Now you can't even get around anybody without getting slowed down and hands checked. And that which would usually happen is that you going to get bumped stole enjoy in this clip.

Fantastic match but I feel as though people are so inconsistent on here. If he was 5 outing the entire time using a cheesy slasher then you would be whining about that. The dude clearly either was not great or was not prepared for this but the game is installed in such a way that there's only so much you can do offensively. It is 2k itself that's limited. That is why so much of aggressive and league play with is people"hiding behind screens" if that is what you wan na na call it. Before anyone says it, I wanted the BTB patched also Buy NBA 2K Coins, it had been too much when combined with the tight handles stun. You are able to say you outplayed him when folks start getting into the play style stuff or whatever but it feels performed.

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