Terms of Use

1- Terms of use.

Facewonder, you will not publish any commercial communications (such as spam) that are not allowed. note: cannot be reimbursed on packages for all purchased services and products Without our prior consent, you will not collect or access the content or information belonging to other users using automated vehicles (address collection bots, robots, spiders or scrapers). You will not engage in non-legal multi-storey marketing activities such as Facewonder, De pyramid chain. You will not be able to install viruses or other malicious code. You will not request login information from someone else or access someone else's account. You will not disturb, threaten or harassing any user. You will not share any content that is either a hate speech, a menacing or pornography-qualified or promoting violence, nudity or any visual or arbitrary violence. You will not develop or run any third-party apps that host alcohol, flirtation, or adult content (including advertisements) without adherting to the relevant age-based restrictions. You will not use Facewonder for an unlawful, deceptive, malicious or discriminatory purpose. Like interfering with a denial-of-service attack or page-building function or other Facewonder functions that will prevent Facewonderin from functioning properly, force, slow down, or adversely affect its appearance You will not engage in any actions. You will not provide any advice or support for violating this notice and our policies. Facewonder users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Some of the commitments you provide to us regarding the registration process and retention of your account security are: Facewonder will not give you false personal information or create an account without the consent of the person for someone other than yourself. You will not create more than one personal account. If we close your account, you will not create a new account without our permission. You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial earnings, and you will be using a Facewonder page for such purposes. If you are under 13, you will not use Wonderi. If you are a convicted sex offal, you will not use Facewonderi. You will keep your contact information accurate and up to date. You will not share your password (or your secret key for developers), allow others to access your account, or take other actions to compromise the security of your account. You will not transfer your account (including pages or apps you manage) to anyone without our prior written consent. If you choose a user name or similar identifier for your account or page, we reserve the right to remove or undo this username if we see it as appropriate (for example, a trademark owner may be closely linked to a user's real name. Complaints about a user name that is not affiliated). We respect the rights of other individuals and we expect the same from you. [email protected] Facewonder is not a hidden source of money waiting to be found, but it is a reliable way to earn extra income by working a bit and taking the right approach. Read the steps below to learn how to make money from Facewonder. Essentials 1 - Share beautiful things on your wall. You need to make a successful plan to make money from social media. If you want to make money from Facewonder, you should share interesting links, images and updates every day. 2-Search for a profile and fill your profile with quality content. Your profile should be clear. For example, you can share content for cat lovers, moms or people with certain political views. If you plan to market a product through your account, be sure to share links to your product. 3-You can open your own Facewonder account by opening another Facewonder account. You can use this account to publish your content, and you can also share links from your personal Facewonder account to let people know. You can use multiple accounts depending on the approach you use. 4-Give time. If you want your account to get attention, you'll need to share up-to-date and linked content every day. Commit to win. The way to make money from Facewonder reliably is to do permanent work. As with other jobs, prepare a work program. 5-Organize. Whichever strategy you follow, you will need to pay attention to many things during the day. Plan ahead. Feed the market. 6-Facewonder has no marketing costs, you just need to devote time. You can do as much marketing as you want. Be aggressive. The best way to increase the number of visitors is to constantly send friendship requests to people. Most people do not, but there will be.